Facebook Exec Who Exposed "Russian Election" Lie Leaves Company

When Hillary Clinton, Democrats and the media insisted on pushing the lie that Russian Facebook ads had transformed the election, Rob Goldman was about the only industry person who decided to push back and expose the lie. And the counterattack was ruthless.

Facebook and Goldman were ultimately forced to back down.

His departure is probably not politically motivated. But Facebook is going through an interesting period, from Zuckerberg coming out for free speech, to Facebook sliding into the campaigns of Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg, to the anti-trust investigations, that it's hard to know.

In early 2018, he embroiled himself in a political dispute after sending several tweets that appeared to refute the findings of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. His comments were retweeted by President Donald Trump, and later, Goldman apologized to his colleagues on the internal Facebook social network.

They didn't "appear" to refute them. They did refute them.

And since then the Senate Intelligence Committee reports have affirmed the facts that he stated, that Russian election advertising had nothing to do with the election, but the media is determined to keep its big lie alive.


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