Good Riddance, Shepard Smith, FOX's Brian Williams

Shepard Smith's exit was strategic. 

His ratings were weak and he picked the best time to market his anti-Trump creds to the mainstream media. That brand will be boosted by claims that he represented the face of journalism at FOX News.


Shephard Smith wasn't a journalist. He was a wax sculpture of an imaginary anchor who might have existed as a Phil Hartman parody. He was the platonic ideal of a guy who exists to report on a water main break in a small town in upstate New York.

There are more serious anchors on FOX News. Shepard Smith was never one of them. He was FOX News' Brian Williams, a shallow pretty boy trying to sound serious, a lightweight playing dress-up, a teleprompter reader who had reached the pinnacle of his worthless profession.

Smith was Megyn Kelly's male counterpart, but he's likely to have a better career exit than she did.

And FOX News will be better off with Smith's sanctimonious hectoring. And if he takes a few lefty producers with him back to the mainstream media, so much the better.