Google, Apple, ESPN, Hollywood and the NBA are Committing Treason w/China

America's major entertainment and tech corps have decided that they're not going to be patriotic. They have no particular loyalty to America. It's just where a lot of their markets and talent happen to live.

But it's not as if they're incapable of loyalty.

The statements by the NBA and EA touting Chinese nationalism, Apple and Google's decision to pull protest apps, Hollywood's eagerness to let Chinese Communist appratchiks censor their scripts, make it clear that they are capable of loyalty.

Just not to America.

America's biggest corps in the media and tech space can tout the virtues of nationalism and assist in a government crackdown, just not in America.

And that's fine. As long as they move to China.

We're past the point where some of the country's biggest media and tech corps can pretend that they're progressive in America and reactionary nationalists in China. They're not 'rebels' everywhere, challenging political and social norms. They do it here. 

Apple, Google, the NBA and Disney's ESPN, and much of Hollywood have made it clear that they will defend China while undermining America.

There's a term for that. Treason.


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