Google Bans Confederate Flag, Celebrates Communists

Google would never feature Nazi sympathizers on its site. It very prominently pulled the Confederate flag from its shopping site. Communists though are cool. Every lefty knows that.

And so its list of "Latino Trailblazers" includes Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, terrible artists and worse human beings.

The Google bio states, "Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera are considered among the greatest Mexican artists. Kahlo is best known for her bold, self-portraits and paintings and Rivera for his large, vibrant frescoes and murals. The married couple famously lived together in Casa Azul, two houses connected by a rooftop bridge in Mexico City."

That's like describing Adolf Hitler as an Austrian housepainter. It's not exactly the whole story.

 For Frida Kahlo, along with Diego Rivera, was a lifelong and pointedly unapologetic left-wing radical and, at various intervals, member of Mexico’s Communist party. One of her last works, Self Portrait with Stalin (1954), depicts the recently deceased Soviet dictator with the artist modestly arrayed in the foreground. So close, in fact, was Kahlo’s identification with communism and so resolute her devotion to Stalin that in 1940 she was briefly suspected by Mexican authorities of complicity in the murder (in Coyoacán near Mexico City) of Stalin’s nemesis Leon Trotsky, whose assassin she knew.

And Kahlo had an affair with Trotsky. Making the whole story even uglier.

Diego Rivera broke with Stalin over, in part, his alliance with Hitler. He may have even become an FBI informant. Kahlo was made of sterner stuff and proved willing to denounce her 'husband' and Trotsky.

Both were Communists. If they hadn't been, it's doubtful that lefties would still be celebrating their ugly bad art.

There's been pushback from Trump's ambassador to Mexico.

U.S. Ambassador Christopher Landau, who was appointed by President Donald Trump and sworn in last month, must navigate a volatile bilateral relationship.

"I admire her free and bohemian spirit, and she rightly became an icon of Mexico around the whole world. What I do not understand is her obvious passion for Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism. Didn't she know about the horrors committed in the name of that ideology?" he wrote in Spanish.

Of course the media spins criticising an ideology responsible for the mass murder of millions as "offensive."

The Mexican Communist Party weighed into the debate, saying: "Ambassador Landau, Comrade Frida was consistent with humanism, the search for democracy and freedom of Mexico's workers and people, and therefore she was a Marxist-Leninist, and of course Stalin's admirer. Don't show your ignorance anymore, imitating Trump."

Remember, this is what they are.

And Google, which controls the internet, is fine with Stalinism. No Confederate flags allowed, Comrade. But red ones are fine.


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