Homeless Dominican Immigrant Beats 4 to Death

The Left's insistence on maintaining a large vagrant population while claiming that the real problem is capitalism hurts everyone, especially local residents, but the biggest victims are the so-called homeless who fester in their own drug and alcohol problems, and mental illness, and disease outbreaks, not to mention, violent crime.

Violent crime is disproportionately high among that population. And this incident brings home the horrifying consequences. 

Accused serial killer Rodriguez “Randy” Santos, 24, bashed in his victims' skulls with a scavenged metal bar during a senseless predawn murder spree on Saturday, police believe.

Santos, who is reportedly homeless himself, is said to have approached his first two unsuspecting victims just before 2am.

He then allegedly smashed their heads in with the 15lb three-foot long piece of metal and left them for dead in Manhattan's Chinatown.

One shocked police source told The New York Post: "They were sleeping. They never saw it coming."

The killer stalked for more victims and quickly attacked three more men sleeping around the corner -  hitting them, too, in their heads.

In all, police said Santos had struck five homeless men - one of whom was in his 80s - as they slept on the otherwise desolate sidewalks of Chinatown on the first chilly night of autumn.

A native of the Dominican Republic, Santos lived with family in The Bronx area of New York as a teenager.

But in recent years he began showing up at homeless shelters - and has allegedly been involved in a flurry of violent crimes.

He has 14 past arrests - four of them from the past year, the police source said.

Let's summarize.

1. Immigrant

2. Vagrant

3. Extensive criminal record

The perfect embodiment of the lefty vision for urban areas.

Despite an extensive criminal record, the revolving door kept revolving until he finally stopped it the hard way. These are the consequences of Mayor Bill de Blasio and the New York City Council's pro-crime policies. The victims can occasionally be law-abiding citizens. But, most often, they're members of the very communities that lefties claim to want to protect.