Imagine if Defense Spending Tax Hikes Were Sold The Way Warren is Selling Socialized Medicine Tax Hikes?

Call this a measure of Warren's contempt for voters.

Bernie Sanders is willing to admit that his socialized medicine plan will result in higher taxes. Warren, who endorsed Sanders' plan, refuses to admit that taxes will go up. Instead she keeps talking about "costs", a cynical gimmick for hiding tax hikes inside promised benefits.

It's bad enough when financial gimmicks are used within the House, Senate and the White House that mischaracterize what revenues are, but it's worse when this sort of scam is pulled on the voters, when they're told that their taxes going up isn't an issue because of all the average benefits that some people will benefit from, while others will not. 

If we start burying tax hikes in estimated government benefits, then the sky's the limit.

Just imagine what your costs would be if China invades us and World War III breaks out? That tax hike, which covers a $1 trillion defense spending increase, will really decrease your costs.