Islamist Tyrant of Turkey Threatens Christian Cyprus

There have been bizarre claims that Turkey is "our ally" because it happens to be a NATO member. (This is a helpful reminder that NATO is an outdated organization) Turkey is as much our ally as Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. It's an Islamic terror state that, like all such entities, is an enemy of everyone who doesn't share its religious and ethnic identity.

As Robert Spencer points out on Jihad Watch, "A reminder in all the present confusion that Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a jihadist scoundrel with revanchist caliphate dreams. Turkey is not an ally of the United States, and should not be in NATO."

Robert is blogging about the Cyprus situation.

Tension mounted in the Eastern Mediterranean on Tuesday as the Turkish Navy practically encircled Cyprus with almost 20 vessels, including frigates and submarines.

Turkey’s move coincided with the imminent launch of operations by the Yavuz drillship within Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ), while the Barbaros vessel is also conducting seismographic research in the island’s waters.

At the same time, there were no French or American military forces present in the region.

As a reminder, Turkey's occupation of much of Cyprus continues. And, at this point, there's nothing stopping Erdogan, the Islamic monster ruling Turkey, from seizing all the rest.

 Cyprus, Greece and Egypt called on Turkey on Tuesday to “end its provocative actions” in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, including exploring for oil in Cyprus’ territorial waters, which they called “a breach of international law”.

I'm sure Erdogan is shaking in his boots.

 The French have stepped up a bit. For whatever that's worth.

France and Cyprus are conducting naval maneuvers off Cyprus as the east Mediterranean island nation is embroiled in a tense dispute with Turkey over offshore gas drilling.

Two French frigates heading to Syria plan to take part in "routine" exercises in Cypriot waters this weekend, a French military spokesman, Col. Frederic Barbry, said Saturday.

Turkey, which doesn't recognize the statehood of Cyprus, has insisted it's acting to protect its economic interests and those of breakaway Turkish Cypriots in the north of the ethnically divided island.

That would be territory that Turkey illegally seized and occupied.

As Erdogan openly threatens Europe, the situation can only worsen. Turkey's tyrant dreams of bringing back the Ottoman Empire which once menaced Europe's Christians.

And is again.