JTA Falsely Describes Rep. Cummings, Who Palled w/Farrakhan as Jewish Friend

Rep. Cummings recently passed away and I don't want to throw brickbats at the dead. It's bad manners and bad taste.

But at the same time it's vital not to allow lies and revisionist history to thrive.

The JTA, a left-wing anti-Israel service, which, like The Forward, attempts to put a Jewish spin on lefty agendas, headlines its story about Cummings' death as, "Elijah Cummings, congressman who built bridges between African-American and Jewish communities, dies at 68."

You can imagine JTA's headline if Trump died. "Despised Former President Who Praised Nazis, Dead."

While Cummings, like most politicians, no doubt met with Jews. He does have Jewish residents in his district. But he did not stand with Jews when there were actual political risks, like taking on Rep. Omar or Louis Farrakhan.

That's not building bridges. It's abetting anti-Semitism.