Media Defends Elizabeth Warren's Lie by Screaming, "Sexism"

Senator Elizabeth Warren falsely claimed that she had been fired from her teaching job because she was pregnant. This claim was contradicted by one of her interviews and by documents from the period which showed that she had been offered the job before resigning. This matches what she said in an old interview, but contradicts the claims she made on the campaign trail.

The media responded to this by noting that Warren's statements were contradictory and were contradicted by the available evidence.

I'm joking of course.

No, the media responded with frantic arm-waving and accusations of sexism.

The Washington Post, which claims to be all about fact-checking, ran this gem, "Conservatives claim Elizabeth Warren lied about pregnancy. Women reality-checked them on social media."

And Jeff Bezos' social justice rag wins the award for how much garbage you can fit in one headline.

First, Jacobin, Bernie's socialist fanboys, actually dug up the original interview.

Second, there's a plethora of evidence showing that Warren did lie.

Third, trying to deflect from that evidence by harvesting a few tweets from Warren supporters about their own anecdotal experiences, is a reminder that the media has zero interest in facts and 100% interest in narratives.

WaPo has run a number of defensive pieces on the socialist, who also lied about being an American Indian, with false claims that this is a "smear" and a "fake GOP scandal."

Again, the origin of this was in a socialist publication.

This is typical of the media defense play with CNN describing the "pregnancy debate" as sexism. These are the same outlets which claimed that pointing out that Warren lied about being Cherokee was racist.

But, at least Warren is a woman and was pregnant. So her lies are at least getting closer to reality.