The NBA and the China Double Standard

The NBA, which once held North Carolina hostage over its insistence on protecting young girls from abuse by maintaining single sex bathrooms, predictably kowtowed to China and forced Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey to apologize for supporting the freedom protests in Hong Kong.

No surprises here.

Hollywood, the industry that is so 'woke' its eyes are always bloodshot and its nose is always twitching, runs its woke scripts past China's Communist Party apparatchiks for censorship.

And there's no mention of a word of protest. South Park's recent episode taking on Chinese censorship was a rarity in the industry.

All of this is typical.

The same virtue signaling corps that attack America bow to China. Because while America's cultural elites thrive on national self-hatred, China's political elites won't tolerate it. 

Nike may endorse cop-basher and America-hater Colin Kaepernick, but it isn't about to alienate China. 

Same story across the board.

What this reveals is three things

1. Your average doesn't believe what it spouts, it's just trying to market itself to lefties. When there's real financial pressure, it bows. Nike doesn't have politics. It has profits. Ditto, the NBA. Or Google. Leftism is an economic convenience. It can be dispensed with.

2. China is able to mobilize social and economic pressure to impose conformity, not only at home, but abroad. If we can't win a trade war with China, we'll be living under its shadow. And that will fundamentally transform our culture at the behest of these same corps. Remember the Mohammed cartoons? Imagine American culture being retooled to mean Chinese specifications. 

3. Nationalism is only bad when it's American nationalism. When it's Chinese or Islamist nationalism, it's awesome. Just ask ESPN which came to the NBA's defense.

No taking a knee here.