New York Let Attempted Rapist Off w/Probation, He Broke a 71-Year-Old Woman's Jaw

This is the horrifying pro-crime world that euphemisms such as "criminal justice reform" and "restorative justice" have created.

The 90s saw a major reduction in crime by cracking down on repeat offenders. These days, lefty regimes in cities like New York have gone the other way.

To see the consequences, meet Jaquan Whittle.

A woman turned the tables on a would-be rapist inside a Manhattan subway station, police said Tuesday.

The 21-year-old woman told cops a man followed her as she walked to the Prospect Park subway station in Brooklyn about 5:20 p.m. Monday.

"You look like a ho!" he screamed at her according to police sources. "I could rape you right now."

As the woman went through the turnstile at the station, the man ran up and grabbed her behind, police said.

Once they reached 34th St., the suspect got off the train behind the woman and manhandled her on an escalator, police said.

As the two struggled, the man bit the victim on her chest. She shoved him, and he tumbled down the escalator, authorities said.

Cops recognized 25-year-old Jaquan Whittle as the man pictured based on a prior, unspecified summons and arrested him at his Crown Heights home around 1 a.m. Wednesday.

Whittle faces attempted rape, assault forcible touching and harassment charges in the subway attack. Police said he had three prior arrests, but the records are sealed.

Of course they. That was in 2017. Fast forward to today.

Police say the man accused of the heinous sucker punch attack on a 71-year-old in Brooklyn is a man who was out on probation.

A brute who broke a 71-year-old’s jaw in an unprovoked attack on a Brooklyn sidewalk is in custody, police said Tuesday.

The suspect walked up to the victim on New York Avenue near Lefferts Avenue at about 5:30 p.m. Sept. 19 and cold-cocked her, according to video released by authorities.

The woman was knocked unconscious and collapsed to the ground, cops said.

His victim was black.Jaquan was out on probation.

 Police say the man accused of the heinous sucker punch attack on a 71-year-old in Brooklyn is a man who was out on probation.

Whittle is the second man out on probation in the last two weeks to end up in the middle of a violent crime in New York City.

Officer Brian Mulkeen was killed Sunday morning while struggling with an armed suspect during a gun arrest in the Bronx.

That suspect, Antonio Williams, was also out on probation for a drug offense when he was caught with a .32-caliber handgun on Sept. 29.

How long will Jaquan be locked up for this time?

When Democrats and Republicans talk about reducing incarceration rates, this is the result.