New York Times: Calling Elizabeth Warren "Inauthentic" is "Sexist"

If a male politician falsely claimed to be Native American, if he claimed to be fighting corporations despite working as a corporate lawyer, maybe (as long as he was a white straight male), it would be okay to call him "inauthentic".

But it's never okay to call a female lefty politician inauthentic. That's sexist.

"Republicans are attacking Ms. Warren over authenticity, a sexist trope in politics, much like they did with Hillary Clinton," the New York Times pathetically bleats.

Note however what the New York Times, like the Washington Post, isn't doing while squealing, "Sexism."

It isn't actually finding ways to disprove the evidence, from Warren's own mouth and from county records, that Warren hadn't been fired for being pregnant, as she has claimed.

And so it insists that even calling Warren out is "sexist" because "inauthenticity" itself is a"sexist trope".

This is a neat way to win elections.

Just label any and all political accusations as "sexist tropes". Or, as the media did in the Obama era, call it a "racist trope".

But no amount of Tumblr identity politics changes the fact that Warren is inauthentic. This is after all a politician who falsely claimed to be an American Indian.

That's not a sexist trope. It's a racist one.