Pakistani Muslims Wage "Apple Jihad" in India

Is there anything that Islamic terrorists won't weaponize? How about apples?

A truck driver transporting apples in Shopian district of Jammu and Kashmir was shot dead Monday by militants, the police have said. The militants include a suspected Pakistani national, news agency PTI reported quoting officials.

Here's more details about the 'Apple Jihad'?

In Monday night’s attack, a truck driver — from Rajasthan, a state hundreds of miles away — was set on by a mob as he was loading his truck with apples in the Shopian area.

Witnesses said that a crowd pelted the driver with stones, and that when he tried to crawl into a sleeping area at the front of the truck to escape, members of the crowd dragged him out.

A masked militant then pulled out an assault rifle, witnesses said, and shot the driver in the head at close range, killing him instantly.

Mr. Wani said the shooting had provoked panic among apple traders, but noted that some business owners continued to pluck and ship the fruit despite the risk.

As India works to secure Kashmir and restore order, in the face of Islamic terror, the "Apple Jihad" goes on.