Rep. Ilhan Omar's Armenian Genocide Vote Proves She's an Islamist, Not a Democrat

You don't need to "follow the benjamins" to see where Rep. Ilhan Omar's allegiances lie.

As the House votes on the Armenian genocide were cast, Rep. Omar would have been expected to follow in the footsteps of other Dems by voting for it. Instead, she Islamist racist voted, "Present."

Why do that?

The Armenian genocide was carried out by Muslims against Christians. Any discussion of it is opposed by the Islamist regime of Erdogan, Turkey's brutal boss, who had threatened Armenians with ethnic cleansing at a press conference in Europe.

Omar's "votes and actions ... do not represent the best of American or Muslim values," said Van Krikorian, the co-chair of the Armenian Assembly of America. "Innocent people were and are being slaughtered, and there is a universal need to defend the victims of genocide and ethnic cleansing, not to stand with or defer to the murderers."

Krikorian said his organization would request a meeting with the freshman Democrat to "clarify her views."

Who's he kidding, of course they represent Muslim values.

In a desperate attempt at raising a politically correct shield, Rep. Omar claimed that she voted present because the slave trade and the deaths of American Indians hadn't been acknowledged. One, of course, has nothing to do with the other. 

Rep. Omar didn't vote 'present' because she's angry that the Trail of Tears hasn't been acknowledged, she's doing it because she supports Islamists.

Omar's home newspaper, The Star Tribune, published an article Wednesday morning that quoted some of her constituents in the Minneapolis and Twin Cities area criticizing her for the "present" vote.

Michele Byfield Angell, the parish council chair at St. Sahag Armenian Church in St. Paul, told the newspaper that she wished Omar had approved the resolution.

"If [she] is going to be representing our community here, she should hear us," Angell was quoted as saying. "If she’s voting present as acknowledging it but not doing anything about it, then what is she doing?"

The only people Rep. Omar represents are Islamists.