Socialist Tyranny, Genocidal Muslim Tyranny, Slave State and Libya Win UN Human Rights Council Seats

Will the last man in Turtle Bay please turn out the lights?

Venezuela, Poland and Sudan amongst 14 new Human Rights Council members

I like how the UN's own house news headlines the fact that Venezuela, a brutal socialist dictatorship full of starving people, worthless money and whose people are fleeing by the millions, has been elected to the UN Human Rights Council.

And then there's Sudan, which is responsible for actual genocide.

Africa had four seats up for grabs, and four candidates, who were duly elected: Libya, Mauritania, Namibia and Sudan

As Hillel Neuer of UN Watch has pointed out, Mauritania has sizable numbers of slaves.

The UN has a slave state, a genocidal Muslim tyranny, and a murderous socialist tyranny on its Human Rights Council. And the only qualification for a seat is who kills and oppresses the most people, and violates the most human rights.

UN Watch is calling for a campaign to remove Venezuela. But the next review will inevitably condemn the human rights violations of America and Israel, while praising Venezuela for its commitment to social justice.


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