Trump Joins Europe in Requiring Health Care Insurance From Arrivals

Here's the latest thing anti-American lefties will be freaking out over once they get their heads out of the Ukraine.

Those seeking to legally immigrate to the U.S. must have health insurance, President Donald Trump declared in a proclamation he signed Friday. 

"While our healthcare system grapples with the challenges caused by uncompensated care, the United States Government is making the problem worse by admitting thousands of aliens who have not demonstrated any ability to pay for their healthcare costs," reads the proclamation, which is set to take effect Nov. 3. "Immigrants who enter this country should not further saddle our healthcare system, and subsequently American taxpayers, with higher costs." 

It declares declares the entry of "aliens who will financially burden the United States healthcare system is hereby suspended."

Anyone applying for an entry visa must show they will have coverage within 30 days of entering the country or that they have the money to cover "reasonably foreseeable medical costs." It does not specify the dollar figure needed but says a consular officer would determine if an applicant met the requirements before issuing a visa and that the secretary of state might "establish standards and procedures." 

Refugees, asylum seekers, unaccompanied minors, and Iraqis or Afghans seeking a Special Immigrant Visa, and those holding visas before Nov. 3 would all be exempt from the requirement. 

While this doesn't do anything to stop the worse problem sources, some for legal reasons (e.g. refugees) and some due to political pressure (Iraqi rapists who once translated something for a soldier), it helps limit conventional visa abuses so that the sorts of people planning to come here on a visa and then stay have a somewhat higher barrier. It also means that birth tourism becomes at least a bit more expensive for the scamsters and less expensive for Americans. This isn't a solution, it's more of a barrier.

And while the media will freak out, these are some of the same rules that travelers to European countries are required to meet.

Good luck getting a Schengen visa if you're an American and can't show $50,000 in minimum coverage.

Lefties keep insisting that we should be more like Europe, except when it comes to voter ID, language requirements and visa health insurance requirements.