Warren Campaign Panicking Over Socialized Medicine Tax Lies

Warren is running a policy she didn't formulate, doesn't understand, and can't stop lying about

Senator Elizabeth Warren's Plan A for 'Destroy Medicare For All' was refusing to answer if she would raise taxes to pay for it.

The previous debate saw Plan A in action. 

The problem with Plan A is that it...

1. Assumes all voters are complete idiots 

2. Assumes that everyone in the media is in the tank for her

Neither condition has been currently fulfilled. Though number 2 has a better shot at immediate implementation.

And so the search is on for Plan B.

Elizabeth Warren's campaign said on Wednesday that it is studying a range of options for paying for "Medicare for All," leaving open the possibility that the presidential candidate may ultimately diverge from Sen. Bernie Sanders on how his sweeping health care plan -- which Warren has endorsed -- would be paid for.

Magic beans? Tirades about everyone richer than her? Venezuelan cryptocurrency?

"She's reviewing the revenue options suggested by the 2016 Bernie campaign along with other revenue options. But she will only support pay-fors that meet the principles she has laid out in multiple debates," a Warren campaign aide said in a statement provided to CNN.

Is lying compulsively really a principle?

The campaign aide also said that the total cost of Medicare for All is unknown and that estimates vary by trillions of dollars. They did not provide details on what "other revenue options" the campaign is studying, and declined to comment on whether Warren may eventually put out her own details on paying for Medicare for All.

To summarize, Warren is running a policy she didn't formulate, doesn't understand, and can't stop lying about.

Look, this is really simple.

The government gets money from taxing things. To get the 'unknown trillions' to pay for this thing, taxes will have to be raised on everyone who actually pays them. There's no actual way around this. None.