What the AOC 'Weekend at Bernie's' Endorsement is About

Weekend at Bernie's is now becoming a reality as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez totes a fading Bernie around to grab more power.

Even before Sanders' heart problem, his campaign was clearly fading. Warren was going to be the choice of the Left. She was a more electable Bernie with slightly better social skills and who was savvier about her rhetoric. 

So why, after the heart attack, does Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez decide to endorse Bernie Sanders?

For all her emoting, the endorsement didn't come in the crucial phase when Bernie really needed it. It came when it's all but useless.

So why do it now?

The obvious answer is that Cortez is using Bernie as a warning to Warren. Now that Warren is moving toward frontrunner status, AOC and the gang want a seat at the table. They could have gotten one with an earlier endorsement, but they want to secure their power bloc status by making Warren go to them. And they want to be have role in the transition and in naming appointees if Warren wins.

So it's a political power play.

Endorsing Sanders won't fundamentally change things, but will keep Bernie's campaign alive long enough to inconvenience Warren.

It also means that getting Sanders to drop out may require Warren to cut a deal not only with him, but with Rep. Cortez.

In short, it's a smart move that looks, outwardly, like a dumb move. But that's been her specialty. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has trolled Republicans to a powerful place as the leader of the lefty insurgency, partly by saying and doing stupid things that they can't resist going after her for. In short, she isn't as dumb as she looks, acts, and sounds. And this isn't a dumb move.

The bottom line is it will tilt the Dems further leftward and potentially leverage her from a social media annoyance to someone with real power.


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