Would Hillary Clinton Like to Run? Yes. Will She? No

Politics is a lot less predictable than it was a decade ago, but even so, unless the Dem primaries melt down in some spectacular fashion, such as say, having Bernie Sanders or Marianne Williamson emerging as the uncontested frontrunners, there probably won't be any mystery candidates jumping out of the box.

And none of them will be Hillary Clinton.

Yes, Hillary is hinting that she would like to run. And, no doubt she would. We are talking about a woman who spent most of her life plotting to get the job, before flaming out, twice. 

Hillary used up all her political capital to squeeze her way to the front of the line. And she blew the opportunity. Few Dems like her or miss the Clintons. And the proposed rematch only makes sense to Hillary Clinton and a few of her remaining lackeys.

These days, the Clinton machine is badly shot, and Hillary has to make the parties she's invited to.

Now, if Biden flames out, which looks altogether possible, his base of black voters would be up for grabs. But Hillary won't be grabbing them. If an emergency candidate somehow parachutes in, it won't be Hillary. Michelle Obama would be ahead of that line. And that's unlikely too. There will probably be surprises coming up, but Hillary will remain in the dustheap of history.