After Hearings, Voter Backing for Impeachment Hits New Low

The Democrat/media plan to rush everyone to their televisions to watch meaningless congressional hearings in which nothing much happened has been a real winner. Well, it's been a real winner for FOX News and MSNBC's ratings. Not so much for the poll ratings for impeachment.

The first week of the House’s public impeachment hearings into President Donald Trump did not move public support for the inquiry in Democrats’ favor, according to a new Morning Consult/Politico poll. 

The Nov. 15-17 survey found that 48 percent of voters support the inquiry and 45 percent oppose it, a net drop of 5 percentage points since a Nov. 8-10 poll.

The latest poll, which comes as the investigation enters its second week in the public spotlight, marked the lowest net support for the impeachment inquiry and the largest week-to-week shift in views on the matter since Morning Consult began tracking the issue in early October.

Time for more hearings so the numbers can properly flip into the negative. Because the more people see committee hearings, the more enthusiastic they'll get about seeing more committee hearings.