The Alt-Right Reinvents as "Never Trumpers" by Shutting Down Donald Trump Jr.

The Alt-Right, or the national socialists (and yes the socialist part is relevant), who have been hanging around the conservative fringe, took a break from fighting each other, to declare war on Turning Point USA and Donald Trump Jr. Triggered book tour.

At UCLA of all places.

Lefty mob used to shut down conservative events. Now it's Neo-Nazis who shut down a conservative event, not with the Left, which they're too cowardly and have too much in common with, to do, but with Trump's son and conservative activists on campus. 


The current Alt-Right rebrand (these groups rebrand every 5 minutes in the hope of outrunning their reputations) is Nick Fuentes with 'America First'. There's nothing American about these guys who are the same Alt-Right trolls playing the same old games.

Fuentes and his 'groypers' are fighting the Left by... fighting the Right. They're currently attacking everyone from Turning Point USA to Richard Spencer, a rival Alt-Right leader. 

The current troll approach is to claim that their trolls are upset that Turning Point USA isn't sufficiently strong enough on immigration and Christianity. Except that lie falls apart considering the aggravated harassment of Donald Trump Jr.

Unfortunately, some conservative figures have been supporting Fuentes with a wink and a nudge. This is what they're supporting.

The Alt-Right, like the Never Trumpers, are a threat to achieving conservative goals. As the Alt-Right reinvents itself as public Never Trumpers, there's no room for either one on the Right.

This is a wake-up call.

There's been a lot of tolerance for the Alt-Right because they claim to be fighting the Left. They're not. They're stealth leftists who are fighting the Right.