Black Women Protest Warren for Keeping Kids on the Teachers Union Plantation

Senator Elizabeth Warren launched her big bid for black voters by bringing along Rep. Ayanna Pressley, a member of the hate squad, now her campaign co-chair, and Angela Peoples, a racist Farrakhan lover who used to go around ranting about white women.

And then disaster struck. 

Warren is a close ally of the teachers' union mafia which exploits black children by locking them up in bad schools so that money will flow to Democrats like Warren. But some black mothers were there to protest for school choice and for charter schools. And they took on Warren.

The media is desperately trying to spin the results, but there are plenty of videos that show what happened.

Black women from the Powerful Parent Network chanted, "We want to be heard" and "our children, our choice."

Sarah Carpenter,, the leader of the protesters, told reporters that, "“Black people tired of you coming into our community when you want us to vote for you. Come before it’s time to vote. Black women — where I come from — we may be poor. But we vote every election,"

What was supposed to be a show of support from black women for Warren, instead showed black women standing up to her destructive agenda and self-serving exploitation of black people.


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