Bloomberg Will Spend Whatever It Takes... But It Won't Matter

Mike Bloomberg, the guy best known for crusading against guns, coal and large sodas, will finally launch the long-awaited presidential campaign no one asked for. He threatened to run in 2016. He's wanted to run long before that. And now the day is here.


As I discuss in today's article, The Socialists vs. Billionaire Primary, it ain't all that scary. More funny.

The former New York City mayor is rich enough to outspend Steyer 25 to 1. One of his political advisors had warned last time around that he had spent $100 million just to win reelection in New York City. Democrat apparatchiks have been suggesting that he was ready to spend $500 million on this election.

A bidding war between Bloomberg and Steyer for Democrat voters is just the thing to kick the economy into even higher gear and ensure President Trump wins reelection.

Now we're back to Bloomberg's threats to "spend whatever it takes".

 "Mike will spend whatever it takes to defeat Donald Trump," a Bloomberg source said. "The nation is about to see a very different campaign than we’ve ever seen before."


Bloomberg has insane amounts of money. He's not just a billionaire, he's one of the richest men in the world. But money can only buy you so much. As I discuss in my article, Bloomberg's cash means that he can outlast most of the candidates in the race without a steady cash flow. That means he could become the default candidate for Dems who aren't on board the socialist train.

But that won't actually win him the election.

Bloomberg lacks charisma, likability and well, anything apparent assets beyond liquid ones. Then again so does Warren. But she has the support of the Left, and Bloomy will just have whatever support he can buy. 

Since the Dem primaries basically consist of leftists and black voters, that's gonna be a problem.

Lefties will go for Warren. Bloomberg's only strategy is buying support from black leaders. Which he will no doubt pursue. But I don't see black voters clustering to him either.

Or any voters.

Bloomberg can spend $50 billion. But all he'll do is prove that you can't buy a presidential election.