Bloomberg Won't Accept Presidential Salary He'll Never Have

Michael Bloomberg, who will never be president, has announced that he won't accept a salary if he somehow were to become the President of the United States.

 Michael Bloomberg will not accept political donations if he runs for president and he will not take a salary if he wins, according to senior aides who offered new details on Saturday about the New York billionaire’s plans to navigate his wealth as he marches toward a formal 2020 announcement.

President Trump already got there first.

And since Bloomberg has less chance of winning a presidential election than as a jockey in the Kentucky Derby, that's like me promising not to accept a salary if I'm chosen to be the next CEO of Kodak.

“He has never taken a political contribution in his life. He is not about to start,” Bloomberg chief adviser Howard Wolfson said in an interview. “He cannot be bought.”

I don't think Bloomberg being bought is high on the list of most people's concerns.

That said, while Bloomberg doesn't take donations, he has a history of using his political position to bribe supporters and as a platform for his own private political activism, like his anti-gun groups. The concern would not be anyone buying Bloomberg. The concern would be money funneled to radical groups and the White House being used as a platform for his wars on coal, guns and soda.

How much is he willing to spend?

“Whatever it takes to defeat Donald Trump,” Wolfson said.

Since he's never going to get that far, the threat is moot. Also, I will not be accepting a salary if I am chosen as the new King of Swaziland.


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