British Lefties Promise UK Free Internet in Exchange for Voting For Their Own Destruction

The Left is basically a pedophile in a van rolling by a school with free candy. But it's running out of free stuff to promise anyone stupid enough to vote for their own destruction.

Free health care? There's the NHS which will euthanize you for free. Free university? Don't even ask. Free housing? Better be named Mohammed. So what's left?

Free internet!

The UK's main opposition party has promised to provide "fast and free" full-fiber broadband across the country by nationalizing parts of BT Group (BTGOF).

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is expected to say in a speech Friday that if his party wins the December 12 general election, the public service will bring "communities together, with equal access, in an inclusive and connected society."

The plan to nationalize parts of Britain's largest broadband and mobile provider follows previous Labour pledges to take ownership of other utilities including the railways and postal service.

I'm sure that this nationalized free internet will have awesome performance as it's overseen by the top notch government employees who have made every other part of government a stunning success. 

Finally, all the people can enjoy 14 Kilobyte free "broadband" internet. 

Studies show that it will take only 5 minutes to download a high resolution photo of Karl Marx on Corbynet. Which will be powered entirely by kulaks and hatred of the free world.

It worked Venezuela. It'll work in Britain.