Burned Out On Ukraine, Dems Scramble Back to Russia.

Ukraine, Russia. Russia, Ukraine. Let's call the whole thing off.

With the impeachment committee hearings sinking under the weight of their overhyped mass as polls show independents moving away from impeachment, it's time to go back to the original gimmick.

Impeachment is about to get a Robert Mueller reprise - Politico

It's about time. People forgot Mueller's terrible performance so let's revive that dead donkey.

Right now, impeachment is all about Ukraine. But after Thanksgiving, prepare for a Robert Mueller reprise.

Now that House Democrats have wrapped up public hearings on President Donald Trump’s pressure campaign to get Ukraine to launch politically advantageous investigations, there are plans to hold at least one public impeachment hearing on Trump’s misdeeds as alleged in the special counsel’s report.

Can't they bring back Robert Mueller and ask him challenging questions like, "What year is it?" and "Whose hand is that operating your mouth?"

Get ready for endless impeachment theater as the Democrats scramble back and forth between two cases that no one except them and the media cares about.

“I think that might be asking a lot for the American people to continue to go through impeachment for another six to eight months as we move forward toward a presidential election,” Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.), a senior member of the Judiciary Committee, told POLITICO. "I don’t think the American people want that.”

Why don't we just move everyone involved in the hearings to Guam and see if it sinks?

Democrats’ efforts to reveal more about the Mueller probe also may live on beyond the House impeachment effort, which party leaders appear intent on completing by year’s end.

“It’s still very important that we pursue it, even though it may not be in any accord with any timeline that continues to develop in terms of impeachment based on the Ukrainian matter,” Johnson said. “History needs to know what Congress did to confront the abuse of power that was right up under its nose.”

As long as it happens on Guam.


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