Buttigieg and Black Voters Highlight the Contradictions of the Democrats

On the one hand, Democrats depend overwhelmingly on black voters as their voting base to such an extent that if Republicans even managed to introduce a narrow crack in black voter support, Democrats would be doomed. And yes, doomed is the right word.

On the other hand, the Democrat post-civil rights movement imagines new minorities that are sexual and, in the case of Islam, religious in nature, which are not really compatible with their base of black voters. And, of course, they can't talk about these contradictions.

On the one hand, the Democrats claim to be a party of civil rights because they have black voters. On the other hand, they claim to be a party of civil rights because they champion sexual minorities, gay, transgender, etc, even though the former oppose them.

And Buttigieg, and his stunningly notable lack of black support, and the denials of that reality, bring the contradictions home. Much like Andrew Sullivan complaining that therapists aren't allowed to suggest that teens who think they're transgender are actually confused and gay (of course gay activists had contrived to ban therapists from suggesting that teens who think they're gay are confused and straight), the chickens of the revolution are coming home to roost. To echo Obama's favorite racist preacher.

Responding to comments made by a House Democratic leader about Pete Buttigieg's favorability in South Carolina, Sen. Kamala Harris on Monday dismissed the suggestion that African Americans are more wary than other demographic groups of a gay candidate.

The California senator — one of the few black candidates running for president — called the narrative "a trope" that was “just nonsense,” and said that the trope has developed “among some Democrats” to suggest African Americans are homophobic and transphobic.

“To label one community in particular as being burdened by this bias as compared to others is misinformed, it’s misdirected and it’s just simply wrong,” Harris said on CNN Monday night.

And if anyone knows black people, it's Kamala Devi Harris who is currently losing them to an old white guy who once fought Corn Pop with a chain. Hey, her favorite musical group is "Salt and Pepper."

Of course it's not a trope. It's a fact. 

That fact is undeniable. The numbers have been there for a long time. Especially on gay marriage votes. ​And Buttigieg's lack of black support is notable. The explanations for his lack of black support all circle around the blatantly obvious.

According to a leaked internal campaign memo, the Buttigieg campaign held focus groups in South Carolina that suggested “being gay was a barrier” for the candidate. 

Now Buttigieg's campaign is vocally denying what their own memo says.

She added that the biggest barrier to black support for Buttigieg was the fact that he is a “new face to Black America,” and a large chunk of the leaked memo was devoted to “how little voters know about him.”

That doesn't explain why black voters were more willing to support Beto O'Rourke, another white hipster candidate unknown to black voters.

Andrew Yang placed at 2% among black voters. More black voters are willing to vote for an Asian-American tech millionaire who has never been a presence in the party than for the Democrat mayor of a city with a large black population.

You can only deny reality so much.