CBS Fired ABC Epstein Whistleblower, An Emmy Winning Female Producer, Without Letting Her Defend Herself

This is what a cartel looks like. And the media is a cartel. An illegal cartel that colludes and conspires.

That's why CBS, a network notorious for sexual predation at the very top, fired ABC News producer Ashley Bianco for accessing the footage. Not passing it along to Project Veritas. That's an important distinction because PV has a statement from the person who gave them the footage, who also appears to be an ABC News employee (understandably anonymous) and it sounds like ABC is pursuing an internal witch hunt against its own people to punish anyone involved in circulating the footage in which an ABC anchor describes how the network suppressed reporting on Jeffrey Epstein's crimes.

But Megyn Kelly has recorded an interview with Bianco whom CBS fired, even though she hadn't committed any offenses there.

Bianco was an Emmy award winning producer and she was fired without even the courtesy of being told why. But then CBS was protecting its fellow offenders at ABC.

UPDATE: In the full interview, it appears that Bianco may have called people's attention to the clip inside ABC, but didn't pass it along beyond that. So ABC tried to fire a whistleblower and didn't even succeed.