CBS Joins ABC's Cover-Up, Fires ABC Epstein Whistleblower

The media is an illegal cartel whose members conspire with each other to suppress and promote content based on a larger agenda. That cartel has also conspired to suppress conservative media because it interferes with the political agenda of the cartel.

The most recent example of the cartel in action was a former ABC employee leaking a video of a hot mic moment by a ABC anchor accusing her own network of sitting on the Epstein story. The video was published by Project Veritas and stirred outage.

ABC could have tried to sue the former employee. Instead, CBS, where that person now works, fired them.

There was no legal basis for CBS to fire a whistleblower who exposed misconduct at another news network except the reality that

1. CBS was also guilty of misconduct

2. CBS, ABC, NBC and other elements of the media act as a cartel.

They acted as a cartel when they covered up the Epstein story. And they're acting as a cartel by going after the whistleblower.