CNN Controversially Claims Israeli Cable Cars are "Controversial"

The media slur for anything it doesn't like is "controversial". This old bias technique maintains a modicum of the facade of journalism while priming its audience to view the thing that the media doesn't like in a negative fashion.

And the media really hates Israel. So everything Israeli is "controversial". Even its cable cars.

And thus, according to CNN, and its usual balance of correspondents with Jewish last names who hate Israel and a Muslim correspondent, "Israel approves controversial cable cars in Jerusalem".

What's controversial about the cable cars?

Do they run on the oil of baby seals? Do they scream obscenities at you when you get inside? Do they play FOX News all day?

The controversial CNN news network, which has been described as an "enemy of the people" by the President of the United States, controversially describes Israeli cable cars as "controversial" 4 times in its article. 

"Large infrastructure projects in Jerusalem are often controversial due to the city's disputed status, and the cable car is no exception," CNN controversially claims.

Are cable cars a "large infrastructure project"? 

Also this means that building roads, paving roads, providing electricity, and taking out the trash are all controversial because Israel does it.

This is the definition of bias. And that's the kind of controversial behavior that makes CNN so controversial.