Conservative Leaders Challenge Chick-fil-A for Bowing to "Left Wing Extremists"

A group of conservative leaders have thrown down the gauntlet to Chick-fil-A asking the company to return to its roots and its values.

"We are tremendously disappointed at your company’s complicity in defaming the mission and intent of the Salvation Army, one of America’s oldest and most accomplished charitable organizations," the letter states.

Signed by, among others, J. Christian Adams, Justin Danhof, Morton C Blackwell, Kelly Shackelford, Ginni Thomas, Cleta Mitchell, and Bishop E. W. Jackson, it accuses the fast food resteurant chain of "bowing to the pressure of left-wing extremist groups."

"When you were under attack by the left in 2012, America’s families stood with you.  We, the signers of this letter, stood with you, and many of us urged our supporters to do the same. We helped form long lines at your stores, stretching out the doors and around the buildings, in many cases. As a result, your restaurant chain vaulted into the top 3 nationwide," it goes on to say. "But, your latest decisions to withdraw charitable giving to the Salvation Army and other Christian charities has betrayed the very people who stood with you."

This is one of the latest moves by conservative activists challenging Chick-fil-A over its abandonment of traditional values.

Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA, the popular conservative campus group, tweeted a similar message, "Chick Fil A betrayed us. We stood by them for years during every attack and controversy. Despite this they announced they will no longer support Christian organizations. Even worse, it has come out they support the Southern Poverty Law Center!!"

More on that in another post.