Elizabeth Warren Accuses Biden, All Dems Who Disagree With Her, of Being Republicans

Senator Elizabeth Warren is testing a strategy based on the idea that the Democrats have been so radicalized that she can claim ownership of the party in the name of socialized medicine. It's a risky gamble. Obama didn't go there. Even Bernie's efforts to push into the DNC haven't been accompanied by the same public air of arrogance that Warren is showing off.

Warren's debate jabs famously included suggestions that the 2020 Dems debating her were using "Republican talking points" when they criticized her radical plans. Now she's being even more blatant with a direct attack on Joe Biden.

Warren doubled down on her old line, "Democrats are not going to win by repeating Republican talking points", and accused Biden of "running in the wrong presidential primary."

Funny enough, both Biden and Warren were former Republicans.

What Warren is really doing is insisting that anyone who isn't as far to the Left as her is not really a Democrat. The acid test of the primaries will prove her right or wrong.