Elizabeth Warren Would Rather Run Against Billionaires Than On Her Record

Senator Elizabeth Warren, a former corporate lawyer and Harvard lecturer, who started her career by falsely claiming to be American Indian, perpetuated it by flirting with libertarians and the GOP, before turning into a shrill socialist, wants to run against the "billionaires".

Warren has a net worth of $12 million and conveniently defines the 1% she's running against as anyone wealthier than her.

That's not a big group when you're a millionaire. So naturally she's going after what she calls the "super-rich". That's anyone richer than her. 

Bloomberg's entry into the race has allowed Warren to continue throwing her 'billionaire' tantrum. Never mind the fact that Bloomberg has less chance of winning than Warren has of finishing a sentence without a squeak. This is about positioning her as someone with the populist cred to take on Trump.

Never mind that Trump can actually speak to the working class, while Warren never sounds like anything except a professor talking down to the proles.

But it's easier for Warren and Bernie Sanders, whose shtick she copied from back when she was a Republican, to run against billionaires than on their record. Sanders doesn't have a legislative record that amounts to anything. Warren has a track record of stunts that existed to position her for a presidential run. And running against billionaires means she can evade further discussions about her phony socialized medicine funding numbers.

Warren's campaign only exists because her facility at distraction.

After her DNA test blew up, she began compulsively releasing plans. Now that her plans blew up, it's time to pivot to more class warfare. And if that backfires, there'll be another DNA test that proves she's descended from Baron Munchhausen.