Feminist Writers Bully Young Woman to Fight the Patriarchy

Most conservatives won't recognize or care about the realm in which this takes place. Even in cultural terms, it's not a world they inhabit.

But there are two reasons I'm blogging about this.

1. It's emblematic of a larger trend in popular culture. That of lefties engaging in Mean Girls behavior under the cover of cancel culture and lefty goals

2. This may not be culture you consume, but it may well be the culture your children and grandchildren, or your spouses consume. And the culture is being consumed by toxic lefty behavior like this. Especially in literature.

Short version is a pile-on by feminist authors on a female college student, not one presumes conservative, who didn't like the work of one of them.

Author Jennifer Weiner, who has made a career of defending so-called chick lit from misogynist criticism, elaborated. “When we tell teenage girls that their stories matter less—or not at all—there are real-world consequences,” she tweeted. She added the hashtag #MeToo and linked to a Vox story about why it took so long for the teenage victims of gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar to be heard. Incredibly, the implication seemed to be that there was a connection between sexual assault and the literary taste of one committee member of a small college’s common reading program.

Weiner is a particularly toxic figure in online proggie Twitter fights. Here she is trying to cloak her bullying of a teenage girl in the #MeToo movement.

The fracas kept snowballing. Someone using the name Jennifer Weiner also left a comment on the Aberdeen News story that read:

It’s hard to know what’s sadder: that Brooke Nelson has internalized misogyny to the extent that she can see nothing of worth in books beloved by “teen girls” but is presumably impressed with the merits of a book centered around video game culture that is beloved by teenage boys; that Nelson joined the committee not to champion a book or a genre but to keep a specific author’s work out of contention; that she bragged about her actions, as if she’s done some great service to literature, or that Nelson graduated with an English degree, is pursuing graduate work in English, and will someday be foisting her sexism and elitism on the next generation of readers.

Which suggests that Weiner is trying to destroy her career. Again, by falsely accusing her of crimes against political correctness.

That's a thin camouflage for a pile-on by a clique of writers that has actually nothing to do with political correctness.

Jodi Picoult, whose novels have sold 40 million copies, saw it as evidence of a “sinister” belief that “stories about young women matter less.” She framed her extended defense of Dessen (to her 172,000 Twitter followers) as an opportunity to “fight the patriarchy.” “The patriarchy” in this case is a recent college graduate from Volga, South Dakota, who had no idea what she was getting into when she spoke with a local news reporter about her literary taste.

The patriarchy, racism, etc are just excuses for lefties with power to pursue their own personal agendas. 

That's what this truly illustrates.