Hillary Clinton: "Appalled By War on Truth"

Hillary Rodham DeWitt Rockefeller Clinton, who landed under fire at an airport in Bosnia, who negotiated peace in Northern Ireland, and who was prophetically named after Sir Edmund Hillary, is outraged at this "war on truth."

And also appalled. A word that she personally coined shortly after Al Gore invented the internet.

In what she called a “war on truth,” Clinton said privacy rights are “one of the cardinal challenges” facing democracy.

Sure. Just ask the White House employees whose FBI files mysteriously ended up in the hands of her allies.

The FBI files matter, or ``Filegate,'' is as serious an issue as the Clinton administration has encountered. The discovery of the unauthorized access to so many FBI background files on so many former White House employees is bad enough. These files contain the most private and personal information on an individual, his spouse and family. The fact that two individuals, Craig Livingstone and Anthony Marceca, with extensive political involvement and checkered pasts were in charge of handling the files is cause for alarm and investigation.

That present and former White House officials have not been forthcoming in revealing who hired the two central characters in this matter is of great concern to the committee. The committee intends to aggressively pursue the answers. Whoever was responsible for bringing them into the White House is ultimately responsible for these actions. Placing the public trust of such sensitive, private files in the hands of two political operatives was a disaster waiting to happen. And, it did.

But the "war on truth" continues.

“Mark Zuckerberg should pay a price for what he is doing to our democracy,” said Clinton. “Part of our problem, those of us who are appalled by this war on truth and this fake news which is truly surrounding us these days, is we’re not very good at combating it. It’s hard because you’re up against algorithms, plus all these other powerful forces, it’s really hard.”

1. Hillary Clinton has no idea what an algorithm is, but thinks Al Gore invented it

2. Hillary has no idea what truth is, but has been fighting a war against it for her entire career

What really infuriates a woman who tried to join both the Marines and NASA while her daughter was jogging around the World Trade Center on 9/11 is that truth won.


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