Hillary Clinton: Only Lefty Women are "Gutsy"

If you haven't heard, Hillary Rodham Clinton has been peddling her latest failed book, which crashed and burned in America.

What Happened, Hillary’s compendium of excuses and conspiracy theories about losing the election, opened with 100,000 in hardcover sales. Two years later, her latest book racked up a 30,000 debut.

And it got worse from there.

The Book of Gutsy Women, a collection of feminist stories by Hillary and Chelsea Clinton about role models like eco-brat Greta Thunberg, Rachel Carson, and Bella Abzug, remembered respectively for helping revive malaria and ugly hats, is the #1 bestseller in Women’s Studies on Amazon.

Even Chelsea Clinton, who is to literature what Alvin and the Chipmunks is to opera, managed to score No. 1 New York Times bestsellers with her She Persisted collection, whose premise, stories about feminist heroines, is suspiciously similar to Gutsy Women, but couldn’t do it with her mother on board.

So Hillary took her show on the road to the UK where she was asked why Margaret Thatcher wasn't included.

During an appearance on BBC Radio 5 Live yesterday, host Emma Barnett said it was ‘quite striking’ that Britain’s first female Prime Minister – the working class daughter of a Grantham grocer – wasn’t in there.

Ms Barnett said she thought the former Tory leader, who died in 2013 aged 87, fitted the description of a ‘gutsy women, even if you didn’t like her.’

Hillary, who had wanted to be America’s first female political leader 27 years after Mrs Thatcher swept to power, responded: ‘She doesn’t fit the other part of the definition in our opinion, which really is knocking down other barriers for others and trying to make a positive difference’. She also said she had a ‘conflicted record’.

Let's translate that from Leftese to English.

Only left-wing women, like Hillary, can be gutsy. Because they "knock down barriers for others", like the time Hillary knocked down the barriers for Bill Clinton by intimidating the women he had sexually assaulted. 

Hillary Clinton is gutsy. That's why she keeps blaming everyone for her own mistakes. Maybe she should write another book about herself?