Impeachment is a Trap, But for Whom?

The old aphorism, "No plan of battle survives first contact with the enemy" doesn't just refer to the military. Or there's the simpler Mike Tyson line favored by political strategists, "Everyone's got a plan until they get hit in the mouth."

And the media's control of the high ground of communications keeps misleading the Dems into thinking that certain battles will be unrealistically easy.

Impeachment is a trap. But the question that was keeping up Pelosi and Schumer up nights was who it's a trap for. 

Yes, Trump is on the hook. But to throw out another quote. "You're locked in here with me." 


McConnell is making it very clear that the Senate 2020 candidates are going to be stuck for an extended session in the trial. And no theatrics will be allowed. That leaves them with the option of potentially throwing away their campaigns, or resigning. It's not that hard of a choice because, at this point, Warren has a good shot at the nomination, and Bernie and Kamala don't, and Klobuchar obviously does not, nor does Bennett, but that doesn't mean that it's not a tough choice. Warren, Sanders, etc are going to have to campaign via CNN. Which isn't as effective as meeting actual people.

The House can have its antics, but then it's in McConnell's house. And that's going to be a very different game.

Whatever happens, the only remaining and prevailing message will be impeachment. That's not helpful for anyone. Trump needs to play up the economy and the Dems need to play up health care. But while impeachment leaves Trump free to talk up the economy, the Dems are the prisoners of their own theater. They can't escape it and the media won't let them. And that's what makes it a trap.