ISIS Leader's Lawyer Says Syrian Refugee Is Too Illiterate To Be An ISIS Leader

I'm not too sure this defense will work.

Mohammed, the founder of Islam, was illiterate, but able to lead ISIS 1.0 and organize countless murders.

A suspected Isis military leader is on trial in a Hungarian court, accused of terrorism and crimes against humanity.

The 27-year-old Syrian, identified as F Hassan, was charged in September after an international investigation led to his capture in Budapest’s main airport at the end of last year.

Mr Hassan deserted from the Syrian army in 2011, then joined Isis sometime before 2014, prosecutor Andras Urbanyi told the court. He became commander of an Isis unit and actively recruited members, Mr Urbanyi said.

Good to know that both Assad and ISIS hire illiterates.

His attorney, Janos Kelen, echoed Mr Hassan's claim that his client was not in Syria at the time of the incidents, asserting that Mr Hassan was illiterate and incapable of leading units and organise killings.

The defense strategy seems like it was organized by an illiterate.

He denied involvement in the crimes, claiming not to have been in Syria when they took place.

“Your honour, I committed nothing, I just want my family,” he told judge Gergely Miko. “I was not even in Syria in 2015. I was in Turkey, never to return to Syria.”

Mr Hassan's father told the court that his son had been jailed in Syria for refusing to join Isis.

There's a slight inconsistency there, but nothing that the European Union's human rights activists won't be able to rationalize.

Mr Hassan had obtained refugee status in Greece, before being apprehended in December at Budapest's Ferenc Liszt International Airport when he and a female companion were found to have forged personal IDs.

Good thing The Independent buried that #RefugeesWelcome factoid in the very last paragraph.