Latest Vape Illness Findings Show Issue is Marijuana, Not Vaping

Walk down a street in LA and you can find billboards touting pot delivery and the curative powers of marijuana and tobacco industry era warnings about the dangers of vaping. Meanwhile the vaping problems keeps coming down to one thing over and over again.

The CDC says its tests found vitamin E acetate in samples taken from 29 patients who were sick with vaping-related illness in 10 states. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the primary psychoactive component of the cannabis plant, or its metabolites were detected in 23 of 28 patients. Nicotine metabolites were detected in 16 of 26 patient specimens.

During the press briefing, CDC's Dr. James Pirkle described vitamin E acetate as "enormously sticky" when it goes into the lungs, and it "does hang around." Pirkle said it wouldn't be unusual for THC to be absent from some of the samples because it leaves the lungs faster. He added finding THC in 82% of the samples from 28 patients was "noteworthy."

In September, New York health officials linked cases of severe lung illness to vitamin E acetate in cannabis-containing vaping products. At the time, investigators said it was "a key focus" of the state's investigation into the illnesses.

Vaping itself is obviously unsafe. That's why there's an entire industry of CPAP cleaning products. But the vaping hysteria allows lefties to reexperience the tobacco wars while continuing to ignore the fact that the issue is marijuana.

The whole thing highlights the double standard between tobacco, treated as the devil's weed that must be banned, and marijuana, whose legalization is treated as a civil rights cause.