Mark Sanford Suspends Campaign No One Knew Existed

In startling and unexpected news, Mark Sanford has suspended his attempt to run for the Republican nomination which no one had heard of and which no one knew about because, in his words, "impeachment has made my goal of making the debt, deficit and spending issue a part of this presidential debate impossible right now,"

Also making his goals impossible was the fact that no one knew he was running and, even more sadly, no one actually cared.

Sanford also complained that, "all of the oxygen is leaving the room in terms of meaningful debate".

What meaningful debate Sanford wanted to have is unknown because no one had been interested in him or paying any attention to his campaign. Indeed, beyond MSNBC appearances, few in the country were even aware that he existed or that he was running.

Vegas bookies had not troubled to set odds on Sanford winning, but they're roughly the odds of an alien invasion, Obama converting to Buddhism, and an elephant learning to play Mozart's Fifth on the piano.

Hopefully, resigning from his demanding campaign schedule of having his aides phone MSNBC bookers will give Sanford more time to spend with his families.