Media and Conservatives Exist in Two Separate Realities

The media and conservatives don't just have fundamentally different worldviews. They exist in fundamentally different spaces. 

Because of the media's reach, it's hard for conservatives to tune it out, meanwhile the media doesn't even the faintest idea of what's going on in the conservative political cultural sphere.

Typical example 

Lawmaker posts cryptic Jeffrey Epstein message during impeachment hearing - The Guardian

You can guess the "cryptic" message.

Not only isn't "Epstein didn't kill himself" a cryptic message, but it's been all over the place. Only the media would be surprised at its existence.

But that is typical.

The media focuses everything on spreading its narrative. And then, when it encounters a narrative from the other side, it's outraged or baffled.

There's nothing cryptic about "Epstein didn't kill himself". It's a statement of distrust in the political system. And that's the system that the media is part of.