The Media's Double Standard on 'Whistleblowers' on Trump and ABC News

The media is outraged at the exposure of the Democrat activist whom it has described as the "whistleblower" in their push to impeach President Trump. Whistleblower protections, they insist, should be sacrosanct. Certainly whistleblowers shouldn't be fired. 

Except when the media does it.

CBS News has fired a female staffer believed to have had access to the tape of Amy Robach raging against ABC News, Page Six understands.

We reported on Wednesday that ABC News chiefs discovered a former employee could be behind the leak of the damning footage of Robach slamming the network for shelving her interview with Jeffrey Epstein’s “sex slave” Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Sources told Page Six that a former staffer had access to the footage of Robach as she aired her frustrations over a hot mike — and that employee was now believed to be working at CBS.

A TV source told us later on Wednesday that the woman was let go from CBS, after ABC execs alerted the rival network.

ABC sources confirmed to us that they’d informed counterparts at CBS about the staffer “as a courtesy.”

Hell of a courtesy.

Meanwhile, until not long ago, CBS was run by Les Moonves, a serial sexual offender who has been compared to Harvey Weinstein. Les Moonves, the former CBS boss, was a close friend of Bill Clinton. And Bill has been tired to the Epstein case.

Let's recap, folks.

A female employee expressed anger about ABC's role in covering up the Jeffrey Epstein case which involved the sexual abuse of unknown numbers of young girls. Another female employee helped leak the footage. And she was fired by CBS.

The media is acting as a cartel to punish a female whistleblower warning about ABC's complicity in the Epstein case.

And the media cheerfully reports on its own punitive action against a whistleblower while fulminating about anyone naming the Democrat activist at the heart of the Dem impeachment move because that's exposing a whistleblower.

Hilariously, CBS even has a show titled Whistleblower which "takes a thrilling look into the real-life David vs. Goliath stories of heroic people who put everything on the line."

Hey, I know who can be featured next on that show.


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