The Media's Vicious Use of Kellyanne Conway's Husband Against Her

There's more political intermarriage in Washington D.C. than anywhere else in the country. And that means between Republicans and Democrats, between conservatives and lefties, and between Trump supporters and Never Trumpers. I don't get it really. But it's the D.C. reality. 

And it comes of working in the same business.

So the idea that a husband and wife would be on two sides of an issue is nothing new in D.C. It would not normally be highlighted unless like Carville and Matalin, there's a couple that wants to make it their brand. 

But political norms are dying. And the media's repeated use of Kellyanne Conway's husband against her by the media is vile and nasty. 

White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway lashed out at CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Thursday for implying her marriage has “issues” after her husband had appeared on MSNBC a day earlier, so she probably did not appreciate Vanity Fair's story just hours later citing anonymous sources who claim George Conway thinks she’s trapped in a “cult.”

The liberal magazine’s piece, headlined “’George gets all his power from you’: Kellyanne caught in West Wing crossfire as George goes full resistance,” cites three anonymous sources who claim the political power couple have “become increasingly distant as impeachment has gained steam.”

The Vanity Fair story is from Gabriel Sherman who's the equivalent of Ed Klein for "resistance" lefties. There are always anonymous insider scoops that are lovingly detailed.

Wolf Blitzer's behavior is wildly unacceptable. But nothing seems to be unacceptable anymore and that's the problem.