Muslim Terrorist Shot Dead After Stabbing 2 on London Bridge

A Muslim terrorism, who was on the loose, despite being previously convicted of a terrorism offense, carried out a terrorist attack, stabbing people near London Bridge while wearing a fake bomb vest.

All three, the locale, the fake vest, and the mass stabbings, have been halmarks of previous Islamic terror attacks.

As of now, 10 people were stabbed, and 2 of them are believed to be dead, but the real story may lie with the ordinary people who, once again, as in a previous London attack, grabbed whatever came to hand and fought the terrorist.

The police shot the Muslim terrorist, but until then, bystanders used makeshift weapons, including a tusk, to fight the terrorist. A tour guide claimed to have kicked the terrorist in the head.

It's another example of a disarmed population using whatever it has to fight the enemy that the same government that disarmed them admitted into their nation.


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