The New York Times Really Hates Thanksgiving

This year, the Old Gray Lady is really outdoing itself with Thanksgiving-bashing. As mentioned in my article, The Left Wants to Destroy Thanksgiving, the Times already ran, “The Vicious Reality Behind the Thanksgiving Myth”.

Now it's got Charles Blow, the sweaty guy who tries so hard but never makes it, with, "The Horrible History of Thanksgiving." This reminds me of the time Blow tried to jump on Black Lives Matter with his own horrible history involving supposed racist harassment of his son and failed so horribly that not even the pligrims would feel sorry for him.

"When I was a child, Thanksgiving was simple. It was about turkey and dressing, love and laughter, a time for the family to gather around a feast and be thankful for the year that had passed and be hopeful for the year to come," Blow writes.

Then Lil' Blow got woke and left childish things like love and laughter behind. Now he just hates things. For money. Like Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving.

"I spent most of my life believing a gauzy, kindergarten version of Thanksgiving, thinking only of feasts and family, turkey and dressing.
I was blind, willfully ignorant, I suppose, to the bloodier side of the Thanksgiving story, to the more honest side of it," Blow rants. "But I’ve come to believe that is how America would have it if it had its druthers: We would be blissfully blind, living in a soft world bleached of hard truth. I can no longer abide that."

Here's a hard truth.

Shot: Charles Blow's black son was held at gunpoint by Yale police

Chaser: N.Y. Times' Charles Blow said nothing about cop who arrested his son being black

I believed in a kindergarten version of history in which Blow's son was racially profiled, but we cannot live in a soft world bleached of the hard truth that Blow is a hack.