Obama's Candidate Entering 2020 Dem Race

Just when the 2020 Dem primaries didn't seem very interesting anymore, they're getting interesting again.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, originally Obama's choice with the backing of people like David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett, is apparently going to make it official.

He's in the race.

That would be a more impressive announcement if Patrick were the talent that Obama's people keep insisting he is. There's no particular sign that's the case. If anything, Patrick seems to be a milder version of Cory Booker. And Booker hasn't exactly taken off.

So the question is how serious are Obama's people about Patrick.

Deval Patrick jumping into the race at this late date suggests that he's either got Mario Cuomo levels of bad political judgment or the assurance of the backing of the Obama machine. Even if Obama doesn't campaign for him out of the gate, the connections, especially financial and activist, are major.

Remember, Hillary and Obama hollowed out the DNC. The Clinton resources were spent, but Obama built up his operation. 

We'll find out soon enough how much of a factor it's going to be once Patrick announces.

If Obama wants to really tip the scales, he could jump on board out of the gate. But Obama will most likely hedge his bets. Patrick will get some resources, but Obama won't risk his personal prestige. Not yet.