Sharpton: "We Have Some Homophobics"

No piece on Buttigieg's inability to get more black supporters than can fit in a motel room on board would be complete without a quote from Al Sharpton.

That contention has been hotly disputed by prominent Democrats, including Rev. Al Sharpton, who hosted Buttigieg at a National Action Network event in Atlanta last week.

"There are some homophobic blacks, there are some homophobic whites," Sharpton said. "We don't have an epidemic of homophophia, but we have some homophobics, just like any other community."

And that's coming from the guy who said, "We built pyramids before Donald Trump even knew what architecture was. We taught philosophy and astrology [sic] and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it."

Not everyone can shove so much ugliness into a few sentences. But Al is good at this stuff. Then Al was born again and denounces "homophobia".

He's probably still okay with hating Greeks though. Just ask Steven Pagones.

At least Al managed to invent a new word, "Homophobics". Sharpton has done great things for the English language. And this is another reminder of his valiant contribution to our national discourse.