Syrian Refugee Who Worked as Janitor in German School Plotted Terror Attack

Mass migration and open borders have really worked out beautifully for the European Union. Especially Germany.

But you've gotta give Abdullah credit. Unlike your average Syrian refugee in Germany, he actually had a job. And a second job in the Jihad.

Police in Berlin on Tuesday arrested a 26-year-old Syrian man accused of planning an Islamist attack, with prosecutors saying he had begun to acquire chemical materials for a bomb.

The accused man, Abdullah H., exchanged instructions on ways to manufacture weapons and explosives with other suspected Islamists in a chat group on the Telegram messaging app, Berlin prosecutors said.

The Syrian stands accused of preparing "a serious act of violence against the state" and was arrested at his Berlin home, they added.

The suspect was employed as a cleaner at a primary school in the capital. Previously, he had worked until September in the Bode Museum on Berlin's Museum Island, said Interior Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD) on Tuesday.

Abdullah H. was originally reported to be 37. The State Attorney General's Office has corrected this to 26.

Usually the age correction goes the other way, but Abdullah might have wanted to bring a whole bunch of "little children" in their twenties over to Germany.

"This was to be detonated at an unknown time in an unknown place in Germany in order to kill and injure as many people as possible", said Geisel.

I wonder where a school janitor hoping to commit an atrocity might have chosen to detonate his bomb.

Don't give Germany too much credit here. The tip seems to have come from the United States.

German special police forces arrested a Syrian man in a raid on his apartment Tuesday after receiving intelligence from American officials that he was planning an extremist attack, authorities said.

Good thing he wasn't planning a moderate attack.


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