Warren's Plan to End Health Insurance Not Playing Well in "Insurance Capital of the World"

"Medicare for All" was really popular. Until people found out that not only didn't it mean that everyone would get Medicare, but that nobody, including seniors, would get Medicare. And that everyone would lose their health insurance in favor of DMV medicine run by Warren's pals.

And that's not so popular in Iowa.

“The only conversation happening among undecided caucus-goers is about health care,” said Polk County chairman Sean Bagniewski. “The thing about Iowa, we’re known for being an agricultural state, but we’re one of the insurance capitals of the world. I think people are more detail oriented and policy oriented in Iowa, because a significant amount of our workforce is in the insurance industry.”

Apparently a whole lot of people and their family members who work in the insurance industry are not so fond of the idea of being unemployed, and don't believe Warren's assurance that they can just get new jobs because billionaires have lots of money. And also, look a squirrel.

Or they're biased against American Indians.