Washington Post: Americans Believing the Media is a "Patriotic" Duty

Margaret Sullivan has been melting down for a while. But this meltdown, as the public backs further away from impeachment, is truly glorious.

"I don’t know what to believe’ is an unpatriotic cop-out. Do better, Americans." - Washington Post

We're in Bertolt Brecht territory here. Time to replace the people with a people the media approve of. Open borders for everyone.

First, Margaret wants us to know that she encountered a used car salesman in Sarasota, FL. She's mixing with the hoi polloi, you see.

"The impeachment hearings, which that day had offered riveting testimony from diplomat Marie Yovanovitch? He merely shrugged: Didn’t know, didn’t care. That plenty of Americans share this apathy about what’s happening in their government is appalling, but hardly shocking."

The used car salesmen of America have failed Jeff Bezos' social justice tabloid again.

Granted, the flow of news is unending — exhausting, even. And granted, there’s a lot of disinformation out there. But apathy — or giving in to confusion — is dangerous.

First, the media barrages the public with hysterical clickbait. And then whines when the inevitable apathy sets in.

"How dare you ignore me when I keep screaming at you?"

If every American did any two of the following things, the “who knows?” club could be swiftly disbanded. Subscribe to a national newspaper and go beyond the headlines into the substance of the main articles; subscribe to your local newspaper and read it thoroughly — in print, if possible; watch the top of “PBS NewsHour” every night; watch the first 15 minutes of the half-hour broadcast nightly news; tune in to a public-radio news broadcast;...

In other words, listen to the media.

But the media only provides one side of the story. The one that fits its tribal narrative. It's an echo chamber. And the echo chamber is complaining that Americans aren't sure what to believe because they're not fully in the echo chamber.

Because they're unpatriotic.

If every American gave 30 minutes a day to an earnest and open-minded effort to stay on top of the news, we might actually find our way out of this crisis.

The crisis being the existence of Republicans, conservatives, and anyone who disagrees with the Left.

And democracy needs news consumers — let’s call them patriotic citizens — who stay informed and act accordingly.

The media certainly does.

I wouldn't exactly call advocating for Al Qaeda and against the US military especially patriotic. And the media has a history of that. Not to mention the Soviet Union, assorted Marxist terrorists, that guy who kneels for the anthem and sucks at football.

But it's all in how you define your patria. If your patria is socialism, then getting your propaganda from the media is patriotic.

It's the lazy solution.

If you want the actual facts, you have to work a whole lot harder. And few people, including Sullivan, want to do that. That's why she threw together yet another tantrum accusing Americans of being bad people for not believing everyone that Jeff Bezos' paper says.


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